Things to Check Before Moving Offices

It is unavoidable that some offices will have to be relocated. For whatever reason, one should be prepared if the news breaks that the office will be moved soon.  


Office moves can make or change a business. Changing office can be hectic and laborious. Planning ahead of time will make things easier and more manageable. So before you clear the decks, outline the things you need to prepare for before making the big move. These helpful tips will guide you in making the right plan. 


  1. Make a checklist 

Cover everything from documents and files to furniture and plants. Make sure you know what to bring to your next office. 


  1. Packing 

Ask the help of a good friend or officemate ahead of time to help you pack your things. You can also contact your moving company beforehand and give them a heads up. Schedule with them accordingly. Make sure they cover insurance.  


  1. Inspect the site you are moving to 

Be sure to check both minor and major details when you get to your would-be office. Things like the size of the space, floors, walls, ceiling, bathroom, and other aspects that need to be of concern. Note down the things that you see need fixing or repair.   


  1. Discuss with a furniture company 

Leaving some furniture behind is also unavoidable. Factor like size can cause a piece or two to be left behind. After having inspected the new space, talk to a furniture company and see if they can help you with some new furniture that can spice up your new office. There are a number of furniture office Kansas City you can contact. 


  1. Contact utility company regarding plumbing or electricity 

Ask assistance from a professional team of electricians and plumbers regarding the sink, bathroom, and wirings in your new office. There’s nothing like a bathroom catastrophe or an electric wire giving off sparks. 


  1. Plan how you want your new office to look like 

Inquire with an interior designer on how to decorate your interior space. Discuss your preferred specific style or even wall colors, paint finishes, or carpet material. Draw up some sketches and layouts so you can see how your new office will look like. 


  1. IT Inspection 

Have a team of IT professionals inspect the new space. This way, they can plan accordingly where to install your phone lines, internet lines, and wi-fi when the time comes. 


  1. Shopping for items after the inspection 

You wouldn’t want to make purchases only after you’ve moved. That will be disastrous. Imagine needing certain wires the IT technician asked you to purchase but don’t have it. Or that computer mouse you badly need but is still in your cart.  


  1. Notify clients, companies, friends, and family about your move 

Letting them know beforehand that you are changing offices so they can postpone any visit or re-direct mail that they may have sent.  


The things you do before making the big move is just as important as the ones during and after you have moved. Plan accordingly ahead of time to ensure a pleasant transition. 

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