The Pride of the American Flag

The American flag is most waved during the Fourth of July. It’s a great day of pride for all Americans as they celebrate their independence day on the said date. To commemorate, baseball games are played and fireworks are lighted up.

The American flag is consists of with 13 stripes that represent the original 13 states of the union. It also has several stars and each represents the current states. The number of stars on the flag constantly changes as the number of states increases.

Stars and Stripes

While the number of stars changes, the stripes of the US flag is fixed, making the flag utterly recognizable. However, the original design of the flag is actually 50 stripes and stars, which would have been impractical since that would mean that the flag will have fifty stripes. That would have looked more like a line than a stripe.

America’s Stars and Stripes flag is a couple of centuries old. It is still very remarkable and dominant to this day. The American flag is very ubiquitous, showing how patriotic the nation is. It can be seen on houses, cars, bridges, buildings, and schools, among many other places. As a matter of fact, it is mandated in the Federal law that the flag should be displayed on all public buildings, and it has many laws regulating how it should be flown.

The US Flag Code

The US Flag Code is very detailed. Included in it are 50 very long articles, all of which outlining how, where, and when the flag should be displayed, and it covers even the wooden flag you put on the wall. It also shows the right ways to dispose of old flags. But though it’s fairly comprehensive literature, many Americans still think that it isn’t enough. That’s why Congress has tried to pass more laws that regard to the use of flags, although some of them have run into trouble because of the infract the other mandates of the constitution.

Americans have very high regard for their Stars and Stripes that its desecration is always the source of a heated debate in many places. Many Americans still believe in the special role that their flag plays in our society and culture. When Americans recite their pledge of allegiance, they don’t really tell it to the country. They pledge their allegiance to their flag. Even the country’s national anthem, which is The Star Spangled Banner, celebrates the US flag and not the nation.

The American Flag’s Undying Glory

The turning point of the American nation’s reverence to their flag happened during the 20th century. It was also during that time when the US Flag Code was constituted. At the turn of the century, many Americans immigrated to other places, which lead to a feeling of threat among those who were left behind. They felt that their identity as a nation is wasting away.

World War I made it even more urgent to create the symbol of the nation’s unity. Being ethnically diverse right from the very start, it is very difficult for the United States to create an identity that includes everyone. So, the concept of the American flag came to be.

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