What is Blood Test? 

Blood test is the process of examining the blood sample. This is done for diagnosing the illness of the patient or the measurement of the presence of the drugs in the body. It is an analysis done in the laboratory, which examines the blood sample. The blood examined was extracted from a vein in the arm using hypodermic needle, or via finger prick. Blood tests near me provide blood test services in the city 

Blood Test

What is Blood Test for? 

Blood test helps the doctors check the condition of the body. Blood test can detect diseases that are present in our body like cancer, anemia, diabetes and AIDS or HIV. It can also check our internal organs if it is working properly such as heart, lungs, kidney, liver and thyroid. 

Different Types of Blood Test 

Blood Sugar Test – also known as blood glucose test, it is used to determine the amount of sugar that is present in your blood. Glucose is the source of energy in our body but too much glucose in our body will lead to diabetes. It is the most effective way to cure or monitor diabetes. 

Calcium Blood Test – most of our calcium are found in the bones but some of it is in the blood. That is why calcium blood test is done to determine the level of calcium into your blood. Every day we lose calcium every time we pee. Calcium helps our blood to clot. 

HCG Test – Human chronic gonadotrophin test or pregnancy test, it measures the amount of hormone in your blood. And this type of hormones (HCG) is only present when a woman is pregnant. These hormones are caused by the fertilized egg in the womb then the placenta will produce these hormones in the body. Human chronic gonadotrophin test can discover pregnancy after 1 week of conceiving. 

Lipid Test – Lipid test or also known as cholesterol test, it measures the harmful fats in your blood. Lipids and cholesterol are substances in the blood that looks like fats. Once you have a high level of these fats in your blood, you have the risk of heart diseases. This test is done to detect early risk of stroke or heart diseases.  

Foliate Test – Foliate is a nutrient in our body similar to folic acid (vitamin B9) that produces red blood cells and repairs the nerve tissue in our body. Since folate is important for children’s and babies growth, it is added to flours which we bread and cereals. Normally it is checked along with vitamin B12. 

Full Blood Count – Full blood count (FBC) or also known as complete blood count (CBC). It can give us information about the condition of our general health. Full blood count measures on our red blood cells that carry the oxygen in our body, white blood cells that protect us from infection, and platelets that help our blood to clot and lastly the protein our body which is the hemoglobin which carries the oxygen in our body that is found in our red blood cells. 



It is very hard to keep the carpet clean during the rainy days. There are many things that you don’t want to happen to your carpet but you don’t have a choice but to embrace those unpleasant things. Every summer or hotter days, it is very easy for you to clean things as it gets dry easily. For example, you are going to wash and clean your carpet. It is a good time to wash them with water and soap and then let it hang outside. You don’t need to worry about drying it up as the sun is very bright outside. Unlike for the rainy days, that you have to suffer to dirt and the possibility of not making your carpet dry due to poor hot air or weather. Freehold carpet cleaning suggested some useful reminder to everyone to follow so that they won’t have a hard time cleaning the carpet during those rainy days. Of course, not only to those rainy times but every time.  


  1. Make cleaning as your habit. In this way, it would be very easy to get rid of the dirt that sticks to your carpet or floor. It would be better that you sweep the floor every day or even vacuum the carpet at least 4 times in one week. In this way, dust and dirt and even small particles of the dirt would be removed easily not to accumulate anymore. Tell your family member or if you are leaving in a dormitory, tell your roommates to leave their shoes outside of the room or of the house. Especially, during the wet season, it would prevent and stop from spreading muds and wet stains on your carpet and floor. You may consider having your own slippers or apparel outside and inside of the house and rooms.  
  2. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, then you may hire someone from a cleaning service company to clean your house or carpet. In this way, it wouldn’t be very hard to remove those unwanted stains from it. You can purchase your own cleaner as it would serve a good way to clean your house every time. It is an investment that you can use for cleaning. It is easy to operate and you don’t need to do the cleaning manually by using the broom stick or soft broom.  
  3. Secure more towels and rugs outside your house or before your door. In this way, you have enough rugs to wipe off your shoe’s dirt. You don’t need to buy expensive rugs  
  4. Keep your pets away from the carpet. If you have animals at home, it is better not to let them stay on your carpet as it leaves its fur there. If it is ok with you to clean it every day and that is fine but if you don’t want to waste more time, then you can let your dog stay in their own bed.  
  5. Make sure that you have enough ventilation to keep the odor inside of your house away.  

The Importance of Maintaining Your HVAC System 

Several homeowners tend to invest in an HVAC system however, fail to maintain the correct upkeep. An HVAC unit is quite the same than that of a vehicle. It requires the proper maintenance and care in order to function accordingly. A well-functioning HVAC unit is one which will keep your home cool and cozy for several years to come that is reason why the proper maintenance of your HVAC unit is very vital. The following are some of the few benefits of having a well-maintained HVAC system: 

HVAC System

Healthy Air

A well-maintained HVAC system with the help of Heating and Air Conditioning Manassas will not just keep your house cool or warm, but also, it will prevent issues with the quality of air you breathe in. Clean coils and filters mean breathing better air quality for the whole family. On the other hand, unmaintained HVAC units can be turned into breeding grounds for bacteria, molds and dirt, all of which can be harmful to the health of those who are living in that building or home. 

Lower Electrical Bills

Saving cash is one of the primary reasons why a homeowner must maintain their HVAC system. An HVAC system which is operating effectively and a home which is well-insulated would only mean that lesser money is being allocated on cooling, heating and electricity costs. As a matter of fact, maintenance of HVAC system is very essential in order to avoid unnecessary major repairs or replacements. 


As with the lifespan of your HVAC unit, a properly maintained system will operate more effectively. Research studies show that unmaintained or dirty systems require to work 20% more in order to produce same amount of heating or cooling as an HVAC that is well-maintained. Less stress on the parts of the unit because the energy that is being expended is also less when it is operating. In addition to that, lesser wear and tear on your unit actually means, just simple maintenance is to be done during the fall and spring season. Maintenance will be much smoother and quicker if a homeowner takes the preventive measures in order to maintain the unit operating in top condition. 

Life of Your HVAC Unit

The better an individual maintains their HVAC system, the longer the system will be able to run well as well as provide heating and cooling to a building or home. With the correct HVAC maintenance, a system can have a lifespan of over ten years or so. Considering the amount of cash an individual spends in order to install an HVAC system, it really makes sense they would love to keep that system operating well for as long as it possibly takes. 

Less Urgent Repairs

Most HVAC systems may actually be needing urgent repairs time after time. However, well-maintained systems are less likely to breakdown during the time of hard use (June to September and December to March). Keeping a system updated on all maintenance checks and inspections would mean less worry that your HVAC system will fail when you need it the most.