What is Blood Test? 

Blood test is the process of examining the blood sample. This is done for diagnosing the illness of the patient or the measurement of the presence of the drugs in the body. It is an analysis done in the laboratory, which examines the blood sample. The blood examined was extracted from a vein in the arm using hypodermic needle, or via finger prick. Blood tests near me provide blood test services in the city 

Blood Test

What is Blood Test for? 

Blood test helps the doctors check the condition of the body. Blood test can detect diseases that are present in our body like cancer, anemia, diabetes and AIDS or HIV. It can also check our internal organs if it is working properly such as heart, lungs, kidney, liver and thyroid. 

Different Types of Blood Test 

Blood Sugar Test – also known as blood glucose test, it is used to determine the amount of sugar that is present in your blood. Glucose is the source of energy in our body but too much glucose in our body will lead to diabetes. It is the most effective way to cure or monitor diabetes. 

Calcium Blood Test – most of our calcium are found in the bones but some of it is in the blood. That is why calcium blood test is done to determine the level of calcium into your blood. Every day we lose calcium every time we pee. Calcium helps our blood to clot. 

HCG Test – Human chronic gonadotrophin test or pregnancy test, it measures the amount of hormone in your blood. And this type of hormones (HCG) is only present when a woman is pregnant. These hormones are caused by the fertilized egg in the womb then the placenta will produce these hormones in the body. Human chronic gonadotrophin test can discover pregnancy after 1 week of conceiving. 

Lipid Test – Lipid test or also known as cholesterol test, it measures the harmful fats in your blood. Lipids and cholesterol are substances in the blood that looks like fats. Once you have a high level of these fats in your blood, you have the risk of heart diseases. This test is done to detect early risk of stroke or heart diseases.  

Foliate Test – Foliate is a nutrient in our body similar to folic acid (vitamin B9) that produces red blood cells and repairs the nerve tissue in our body. Since folate is important for children’s and babies growth, it is added to flours which we bread and cereals. Normally it is checked along with vitamin B12. 

Full Blood Count – Full blood count (FBC) or also known as complete blood count (CBC). It can give us information about the condition of our general health. Full blood count measures on our red blood cells that carry the oxygen in our body, white blood cells that protect us from infection, and platelets that help our blood to clot and lastly the protein our body which is the hemoglobin which carries the oxygen in our body that is found in our red blood cells.